• Why Prefer Timber Flooring Over Carpets And Tiles

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    May 31, 2017 /  Flooring

    Timber flooring has become popular nowadays for most homeowners, either they replace their existing flooring or they

    choose it for their new home. It comes in a variety of choices and patterns and its characteristics are highly appealing.

    Hence, people prefer it to be their flooring compared to other flooring materials like tiles and carpets.

    Lets take Mika as an example. Since her house is mostly made of western red cedar woods, she chose timber

    flooring because it perfectly complements the style and design of her house. Other than that, timber floors also give her

    a number of benefits that she is currently enjoying right now. Thus, she has these good things to say about timber


    Timber floor is affordable compared to carpets and tiles. With the correct coating and regular cleaning, timber floors

    can last up to ten years before you need to consider recoating it. Timber floor is far more affordable than replacing

    carpet and tiles that will begin to look worn out and stained after five years or so.

    Variety. There are different styles, colours and types of timber flooring in Adelaide which

    are sufficiently available. So, you can always find the right colour and style of timber floor that will fit the interior

    design of your house.

    Eco-friendly material. According to CRC for Greenhouse Accounting, timber floors have good

    impact in the environment because the carbon emissions they create are five times less than that of the

    ceramic tiles. Timber flooring is both renewable and recyclable and it is a natural resource making it ecologically


    When you choose to have carpets and tiles as your flooring, you should know that it becomes a disgusting world.

    Moulds, allergy causing pollen and spores, bacteria and microorganisms, flea eggs, larvae, dead skins and dust mites are

    living there. Even the grout lines in tiles can collect allergens.

    Hence, timber flooring is one of the best and the most natural and safe flooring option. It is a durable material and

    when maintained and cleaned regularly, that disgusting world found in your carpet and tiles can surely be avoided.

    Easy Maintenance. A Variety of timber floor finishes is made available nowadays to keep the

    timber floors always clean and polished. Timber Flooring polishing and sanding are examples of excellent finishes.

    There are many great service providers in terms of timber floor polishing and floor sanding in Adelaide that always leave

    timber floors polished and shined really well.

    If you are looking for a reliable timber flooring, floor sanding, and is just around to help you.

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